HP Officejet Pro 6978 Navigate to setup and select it. Choose Network -> Wireless Setup Wizard. This will search for the list of wireless routers that are in range. Choose your network from the range and key in the WEP or WPA passphrase for the network and then select Done.

Office Printing Made Easy With Hp Officejet Pro 6978 Driver And The Printer Itself

Any office is incomplete without a printer where there is a desktop to manage the business or other office works. A simple house printer that is hardly opened once or twice in a week is not for office purposes. Office works could load the printer heavily which could not be handled by the house printers. This requires specially designed office printers to handle the load. Usually, printers could get heated up, the paper could be jammed and there are many problems. When this is multiplied with the workload in an office, there could be a huge loss. Another main problem that must be tackled is the energy consumption. The office printers could save us from all these problems and get our job done much efficiently. One such office printer offered from the HP Hardware Company is the HP OfficeJet Pro 6987. Setting them could not be much harder. Going through the hp Officejet pro 6978 manual could help.

Connecting to a Wireless Network | HP InkJet Printer |HP Officejet Pro 6978
HP Officejet Pro 6978

Printing with the OfficeJet Pro 6987

The HP OfficeJet Pro 6987 is an ultimate all in one printer that has all features that a printer would need. The printer can do the following.
• Scanning: The printer can scan for the hard copy documents and convert them into soft copy documents.
• Faxing: This printer reduces the need of getting a fax machine and does the work perfectly by itself.
• Copying: This use that all other printers with a scanner can do can be done by this printer in a much efficient way.
• Double-side printing/two side printing: This type of printing would be much use when it comes to office works. The work of printing twice can be reduced to one.

The vital features of the OfficeJet Pro 6987

The printer has a lot of features that make it more special. Some of them are vital to holding the office works. The features are as follows.
• It has wireless connectivity, that makes the printer easily accessible with any device and it also allows up to 5 users.
• The hp officejet pro 6978 driver is easy to set up and helps to use all the features properly and efficiently.
• The printer processor clock speed is 500MHz which makes the printer more powerful and reduces any jamming that could occur due to heavy load.
• The printer operates with inkjet technology and offers both black and color ink printing.
• The product is ENERGY STAR qualified which makes it energy efficient.
All these features help in making the product much useful in the office works.

Installing the Printer and the driver

The following steps should be followed for a successful installation of the hp printer.
• Switch on the printer and set up the language, region, and country from the home screen.
• Install the ink cartridge by removing the covers and sliding them into their slots when prompted on the screen for inserting the cartridges.
• After installing the cartridges, a message pops up in the control panel. Click on the OK button.
• The alignment page is printed by the printer for the first time. When the alignment is successful, the printer is ready to be installed with the device.
• The printer software can be found in the CD that comes with the printer and also easily downloaded from the site 123.hp.com/setup officejet pro 6978 for various platforms.
• After downloading the software, installing them on each platform is simple as following the instruction on the screen. The printer must be connected through the wired or wireless mediums throughout the process.

Once the software is downloaded and installed in the respective platform, the printer is ready to print the works from the user.
Troubleshooting the printer to make the work perfect
After the printer driver is installed there could be some errors that may be faced for the first time due to the initial installation and the computer pre-configurations. The hp officejet pro 6978 troubleshooting could also be done much easier. Many online blogs discuss many problems encountered by a lot of users. Many problems’ troubleshooting can be done by automatic detection. Some of them might require the manual to make it work. Very few would let us to the blogs. However, our problem can be resolved easily by ourselves.
Office printing can be a load of work and could use up a lot of energy from the users. With an office printer like HP OfficeJet Pro 6987, the load can be reduced much easily. Even setting up the printer is much easier. This is a worthy printer with all features that an office printer needs to prevent any kind of problems that could happen in an office. The printer is also more than just a printer which can do a lot more like scanning, faxing, etc. It can be very helpful in many situations.


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